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We are able to shoot boatographs from unique perspectives and take close up shots of you and your boat because we are on the water with you!  Our boat, a 17' Bristol Skiff named, "Guppy", enables one of us to skipper while the other stands, tethered to the bow for stability, with a telephoto lens and camera.  In this unique way, we are able to capture you and your boat in action!  

At Boatographs, we offer the following services on inland lakes, rivers, and coastal waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.  

  • Private Portrait Sessions – For a nominal fee, we will meet you by appointment, at a location of your choice to capture boatographs of you and your family and friends on your boat.  Consider a sunset sail for dramatic lighting or a high speed run down a quiet cove as options.  We will work with you to create the boatographs that can only be taken in this way.  Your fee entitles you to all the boatographs we shoot.

  • Sailing and Rowing Regattas  - Let us partner with your regatta organizers to add extra value for the competitors.  During the races we will capture the racing action in photos and then later show a slide show in the club house for all to see.  After the regatta we will post these photos, organized by boat, on this web site. 

  • Public Boatographs – You may have seen us on the water taking boatographs at random.  We are doing this for you, so if you see us on the Guppy, come near us and we will capture your boatographs spontaneously!  That evening, come to this website, look for that day’s folder in our gallery, and find the boatographs of you, your craft and crew.